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Since we started our family farm in 2004, the range of fresh-from-the-field Carey Organic produce has steadily expanded to include seasonal fruit, vegetables, salad crops, free range eggs and home-reared pork as well as local lamb and beef.

 Over 20 acres of maturing orchards and market gardens already enable us to supply many local shops, pubs, restaurants and box schemes and ‘direct from the farm’ to local residents, via our farm shop and our own weekly local box scheme.

 You are welcome, every Friday 9am-5pm or Saturday 9am-1pm, to stop by Whitethorn Farm, ‘try before you buy’ and take your pick of our fresh organic produce.

We hope to see you soon! Martin & Rachel Soble


Our wide range of crops and choice of varieties enable us to offer ‘in season’ produce throughout the year and with our modern storage facility we can maintain supply of stored and frozen crops.

We do not use any pesticides or chemicals and build natural fertility with compost, manure and rotational systems and green manures.

We use small polytunnels to protect our early and late salad crops and for summer favourites like aubergines, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.

Most of our crops are grown in the open with plenty of space to grow naturally for the best flavour.

And because we encourage bio-diversity the insect and animal life is in balance supporting natural predators and wildlife – so we are enjoying working with nature in more ways than one!


Take advantage of our weekly local box service and we will deliver fresh-from-the-field Carey Organic produce direct to your door!

You can choose your box contents … or let us put a seasonal box together for you.
Email, telephone or call in at Whitethorn Farm to discuss your requirements.

For local shops, pubs,and restaurants we are pleased to deliver direct from the farm, genuine local fresh seasonal produce and store crops, plus a range of frozen fruit and meat.

Visit our website www.whitethornfarm.co.uk



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