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Our apple trees grow in small, traditionally managed farm orchards near the village of Rhandir-mwyn in the beautiful upper Towy Valley.

Over the years, we have planted a mixture of conventional apple trees and traditional Welsh varieties chosen to thrive in the damp climate and acid clay soil of the area. These are unsprayed with pesticides and the competing grasses and herbs are kept at bay with scythe, mower and occasional grazing. When ripe, the apples are picked and locally hand-pressed in small batches; they are then pasteurised in the bottle to produce a range of unique varietal and blended juices.

While the juice retains the individual flavours of the apple varieties used, each batch will vary subtly according to ripeness, the exact composition of the blend and even the weather conditions during growth. This fact underlines the reality: this is not a homogenous, mass-produced drink. It is a juice that uniquely reflects both the beautiful and unpolluted place in which it grows and our policy of managing our farmland for the benefit of native species and wildlife.

Fresh pressed apple juice is characteristically cloudy with apple particles that form an important part of its texture and aroma. To enjoy it at its best, shake well to mix any sediment back into the drink and serve chilled.

Apple varieties include:

    Pyg yr Wydd
    Blenheim Orange
    Devonshire Quarrenden
    Tom Putt
    Bardsey Island Apple – Afal Ynys Enlli
    Reverend Wilkes
    Lord Derby
    Pen Caled
    Lord Lambourne
    Cornish Gillyflower

There are other interesting trees and oddities including a hard, sour, keeping apple that was taken as a cutting in Somerset many years ago and known as The Chew Stoke Apple.


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