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  • Christmas Trees
  • Wood
  • Firewood
  • Nobel Fir (Abies procera)
  • Nordman Fir (Abies nordmanniana)





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During the winter of 2000 a family member filled a horse box full of non-drop Christmas trees and drove down the M4 to test out the market in Surrey. At that point the trees had never been pruned and were not even netted. Although the sales went surprising well a huge learning curve had to be accomplished. We very quickly learnt that trees required nurturing, pruning and very careful planning so we became members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association.

 We then used globally recognised consultants who advised us on varieties, pruning techniques and general information to ensure that we met today’s high expectations. Not only that, Robert and Brian Deans worked tirelessly for years ensuring that the high standards were adhered to.

 From a few hundred non-drop Christmas trees to over 30,000 premium quality trees we have accomplished a great deal over the years and not only do we supply to wholesale customers throughout the UK, we have also established a large retail outlet on the A470 just outside of Builth Wells.



Types of Christmas trees available

Our speciality is growing the non-drop varieties of Christmas trees. Our current availability is Noble fir and Nordman fir.




Several years ago we discovered a large local market for firewood. All of our firewood is sourced sustainably either from trees that have fallen from severe weather or have been damaged by wind. There is also a need to thin trees in order to maintain healthy hardwood and softwood forests.

The trees are cut into manageable sections on site and are them loaded onto a trailer to be brought to the farm. We then use Robert’s bespoke designed log splitter to split the logs into small pieces. A tractor then lifts a large bucket full into a bespoke designed reinforced metal funnel, where the logs fall neatly into metal crates ready for drying. The crates full of firewood are then stacked in a barn specially designed for airflow to go around the crates for rapid drying. The wood is regularly tested with humidity testing equipment and once it is at the optimum level the logs are poured into fertiliser sized bags ready for delivery.


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