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To advertise on this website is very cost effective and we have a package to suit every size of business from someone with a small owner run enterprise to a company with a number of different outlets.

Contact us for further details to discuss your options.

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Various marketing schemes for British grown produce are in place but few actually involve the growers.
All seem to have been set up by government organisations that do help but ultimately they are paid for by the taxpayer if they work or not.
Supermarkets, directly and indirectly, have their own marketing in place but, ultimately, all they want to do is maximise the profit for themselves.

There seems to be an opportunity for growers to do this themselves and to increase their profit.
By their very nature however growers are a very diverse group and because of the range of product do not easily form marketing groups.
This is where Grown in Wales wins, it is not a marketing organisation it is a brand image which has been badly lacking in the past.
The growers market their produce as they so wish but by becoming a member they have a marketing image behind them that means something.

By including places to eat, events and enterprises that use Welsh produce on the Grown in Wales website it covers all the main customer bases besides the growers who sell directly to the consumer.
Eating establishments, events and enterprises are included on this site that directly link to local Welsh produce.

It is also an advertising link to people who are looking for other different local food.
A place to eat, event or enterprise immediately gets to appeal to the customers looking for local food.

It is a marketing tool that every grower, place to eat, event or enterprise is looking for.
If it is combined with a QR promotion by the grower, place to eat, event or enterprise you have a very strong marketing tool that connects consumer with producer.

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