Tythegston Walled Garden

Greg Nuttgens
I supply local shops, do the occasional market, and sell from home
Shops supplied: Sussed, Home and Colonial in Porthcawl and Franklins café in Ogmore by Sea

Tel 01656 773501    Mobile 07896 570263


  • Confectionery
  • Diverse Associated Products
  • Beeswax
  • Honey


We produce honey and beeswax from hives located in an 18th Century walled garden. Our honey is unprocessed and unpasteurised, and contains pollen from local plants.

We can supply local shops and businesses, and also sell from home (by prior arrangement) 

The walled garden at Tythegston is part of the Tythegston Estate, owned by the Knight family since the early 18th Century.

 The garden, which supplied fruit and vegetables to nearby Tythegston Court, was managed by a head gardener living in the nearby Gardener’s Cottage, and several under gardeners who probably lived in the ‘bwthyn’ – a small building which can still be seen on the outside wall of the garden

 Along the south-facing wall was a series of glasshouses which were heated by flues running through the walls and floors. Hot air from a furnace outside the wall passed along these flues and made possible the cultivation of exotic fruit such as peaches, grapes and pineapples.

Although many of the original features of the garden have been lost, the twelve foot high wall is intact, and parts of the glasshouses and heating systems can still be seen.

A circular pond in the centre of the garden also survives 

In 2006 the garden was taken over by Greg Nuttgens who has planted fruit trees along the walls and established soft fruit and herb beds.

He is growing herbs and a range of exotic and unusual vegetables, and keeps several beehives in the garden.

The garden is currently in Conversion to full Organic status.


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