James Morris

Llandigige Fawr Farm, Berea

Blas y Tir
Puffin Produce


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  • Potatoes



I’m the third generation farming here at Landigige, Historic St. David’s with its cathedral is four miles away and we’re about a mile from the sea. We farm 120 hectares, our core business is beef cattle and cereals, and we also grow several potato varieties — Maris Peer, Charlotte, Estima and Melody most recently.

We’ve been with Puffin right from when they started in the 1970s. As a team we work hard to deliver the best produce. I like their commitment to Welsh farmers and farmland because that’s what sets us apart; the Welshness of our potatoes is a vital element.

It’s exciting starting over each year, the smell of the soil in spring, the feeling of ‘here we go again’ with new seeds, and I get a real buzz from that. We’ve also got around 8 hectares of moorland that’s been designated as SSI (a site of Special Scientific Interest), with the perfect environment for a rare butterfly, the Marsh Fritillary. It’s a great place to live and work


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