The 25 Mile

1 Pendre, Cardigan
The 25 Mile is a local eating house that sources its main ingredients from within a 25 Mile radius
01239 623 625      jess@welshfruitstocks.co.uk       www.the25mile.com

Opening Hours
Monday: 10am – 5pm  Tuesday – Saturday:10am – 10pm  Lunch: 12pm – 3pm Dinner: 6pm – 9pm  Sunday:
Closed for sleep

  • Type of Food Establishment
  • Vegan, Vegetarian & Special Diets
  • Cafe
  • Public House
  • Restaurant
  • Vegetarian Options

We stand for the best of local.

Our principals
We source the very best local ingredients from within a 25 Mile radius. (As the crow flies). Of course, there will exceptions to this rule like coffee, rice etc. But those exceptions aside, we are all about great local food.

We only hire talented, hard working people, who love food.
The secret to success, and it’s no secret, is to work with the best. Life is easier when you do that. So we should take our time when we hire. Find those talented people who care. Train them like crazy. Let them shine. Let them fly. Trust in them. And look after them along the way. And when the business does well, make sure they do well too.

Do ‘Simple’ unbelievably well.
We are not fancy. We are not super trendy. We are not blowtorches at dawn. We are all about ‘Simple’ honest, local food. But ‘Simple’ requires great skill, passion, and years of training.

Consistency is the ‘Genius.
Each meal served will make our reputation. Or lose it. Anyone can be great now and again, but to be consistently great is the thing. Consistency means discipline. Discipline to follow the rules we have set ourselves, to know the manuals inside out, to train and keep training even when busy. Consistency is a way of thinking that the business follows each and every day

Remember who puts the food on our table.
Always have the greatest respect for the customer. We work for them. If we listen to them, we will learn how to get better. Always put them first. They want us to do well. And ultimately, if we give put great food on their table, they will put great food on ours.

You can’t build a business until you build a team.
Of course, who you hire is important. Some people are brilliant, but they can’t work with a team. Fire them quickly, or even better, don’t hire them in the first place. The team comes first. We have to build a team around the love of local great food. We have to show the world that local food is the answer. Teams are more powerful when they have a purpose. 

Great value doesn’t mean a low price.
We will serve great simple food at a fair price. We don’t want to be a special occasion place where you go twice a year. We want to be a ‘Local Eating House’ where you go frequently. We want them to always think that was a fair price for that great meal.

Have some fun.
When a business has made a decision to be great at what it does, when everyone has accepted the hard work that doing that entails, that everyone understands the mind numbing boring disciplines needed to be great. Then something interesting happens. Your customers love you. They are happy. And you are happy because they are. And because you have worked so hard, the business runs really really well. And the business grows and you grow with it. And it’s a bunch of fun. But the fun has come from the hard work you put in.  




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