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We grow willows in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain – the coastal county of Pembrokeshire, offering online supplies of willow cuttings and rods for basket weaving, for short rotation coppicing as fuel for your woodburner, bee fodder, ornamental uses,living structures like outdoor wicker furniture, domes and tunnels for individuals or community projects – also easy to be built in your school or kindergarten.

We sell over 300 varieties of willows grown in Pembrokeshire

List of Willow Varieties and Order form

We also manufacture willow pet toys for rabbits and rodents.The climate here is ideal for willow plants – enough moisture (simply called “rain”by some people) all year round, intermingled with periods of glorious sunshine and blue sky, giving the willows what they need to grow into lovely strong rods.


Willow trees (“withies”) have for a long time been part of the local flora, as is mirrored in local place names like “Withybush”.

Besides being used for baskets of different types, lobster pots were the main product manufactured from withies in this area.

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