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Welcome to the Celtic Spirit Company

- The oldest spirit company in Wales
We produce high quality Spirits and Liqueurs from
age old family recipes,
dating back to the 1890s.
We have won Awards at the Guild of Fine Food
Great Taste Awards for our
Black Mountain and Danzy Jones Liqueurs
Extremely proud to receive “Gold” at Wales’ most prestigious food awards the True Taste Awards for
Danzy Jones.

Black Mountain Liqueur

Exhilarating drinks derived from the bountiful fruits of the Wye and Usk Valleys, have a long tradition with the country folk of the Southern Marches. Early spirit drinks were enhanced at Llanthony Priory by the addition of fruit, herbs and spices to flavour ‘cordials’, used as pick-me-ups and stimulants. Local custom continued to use the skills and secrets of past generations to produce the medieval magic of the old elixirs. In this Black Mountain Liqueur we have used a traditional recipe favoured by Granny Russell who spent a lifetime time planting, growing and brewing in the best traditional practices of the region


Danzy Jones Wysgi Licor

Danzy Jones was a journeying stonemason, born in the 1870s. He liked to mellow his whisky in the time-honoured fashion by adding herbs and rosehip syrup to his toddy. Today Danzy Jones’ whisky liqueur is still produced by his descendants. Malt whisky, herbs and rosehips are again used in the process, which involves time and patience to produce the remarkable taste of this very Welsh spirit.


Celtic Poteen

Long before whisky was commercially produced, the old Celtic nations were distilling clear spirit from alcohol derived from root vegetables. The original and purest of vegetable and grain distillations make Celtic Poteen the Aqua Vitae of the Celtic Lands.


12 Year Old Celtic Whisky

This 12 year old Celtic malt whisky has a bright, full, amber colour, a touch of oak-aged palate and the peat which helps to give the malt a delicious heatheriness and a full, sweet, yet oddly understated smokiness. The ideal gift for any whisky connoisseur.


Innkeepers’ Tipple

In the best historic traditions, this liqueur would originally have used the whinberries growing wild on the Keeper’s Hill outside Abergavenny on the side of the Blorenge Mountain. Whilst whinberries still grow wild on this beautiful but inhospitable hill, we have used the whinberry’s cultivated cousin, the blueberry, to re-create a drink much favoured for many years by the local country folk.


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