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ej catering is a vibrant company with 13 years of experience, knowledge and confidence, led by the creative talents of Emma Jenkins
Emma trained at Cordon Bleu cookery school in London in 1992 and then took off travelling around the world, working in France, Ecuador, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Inspired by her life long passion for food and with the strap line ‘stirring the soul’, Emma has set a standard for how catering should be, bringing fresh and innovative ideas to create dishes that look, smell and taste extraordinary. Although her cooking style is rooted in classical French cuisine, she has been inspired by the foods and sights discovered around the world.

Creating a menu, coordinating, staffing and planning an event is as important as the cooking. At ej catering we understand that it’s not merely a statement of the dishes. Our team of professionals use fresh, organic ingredients combined with our energetic and flexible approach that allows us to create a menu that suits your personal tastes.

To us, every client is an individual, so attention to detail is all important. We work with small and large numbers and will help you find the perfect venue, create the right look – and turn your ideas into the ultimate event.

You only need to talk to us about your event to see why we are different, and whilst our menu range is extensive, we’re always willing to create individual menus and price any specific dishes on request.

Whether travelling or working, Emma was constantly drawn to new food ideas, interesting and unusual ingredients, stimulating tastes, aromas and alternative artistic presentation approaches. Emma’s passion for cooking has helped to create a new style of food….an edible orgy of taste sensations.


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