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Flower Power Organics

Flower Power Organics is a small artisan cottage business founded and run by Hoppi Wimbush. She lives at the Lammas Eco Village in Pembrokeshire, West Wales – along with her beloved family where they run a thriving eco smallholding.
Hoppi incorporates home grown and locally foraged herbs and flowers into her herbal skincare range. All her products are made using fairtrade organic oils, local beeswax and fresh spring water located on the land.  Every product is blended using  sustainable energy via solar and hydro power.

Hoppi says
“I choose to tread gently on our beautiful earth and want to use only the best home grown, organic and ethical ingredients. By growing my own flowers, herbs and foraging for wild healing plants, I can be sure of the love and conscious care that goes into every product I make”


The Lotus flower has long been associated by many cultures worldwide as a sacred flower of divine beauty and purity; a symbol of enlightenment. The products made by Flower Power Organics are intended to tap into your divine radiance, enhance your true beauty and with the care-full use of natures treasures, make a small contribution to a more enlightened world by consciously creating in harmony with all of life.

The lotus

a true flower of power!

 Why organic, fairtraded, European, ethically sourced?

 We live in a world where exploitation of our earth and the beautiful people that live here is rife.

Only in buying and using products that have been…
Organically grown ie without the use of damaging pesticides…
Fairtraded ie by a fair and just price given to the farmers who grow the crops that make the oils…
Locally sourced in Europe where possible to cut down on air miles…
Ethically Sourced ie with conscious and care- full consideration of the planet and its inhabitants…
…can we be sure we are contributing to a fairer,
cleaner, more sustainable world.

Flower Power Organics
Making Conscious Creations
Good for you, good for us, good for life


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