Mill Cottage Soap

Old Mill Cottage, Crossgates

01597 851946


Location map LD1 6RS

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Mill Cottage Soap is based at our little stone cottage in the heart of mid Wales.

We produce natural handmade soaps and bath products from high quality natural ingredients.

Our soap is handmade, hand cut and hand wrapped.

Using the traditional cold process method our soap is made from Olive oil, Sunflower oil and Coconut oil. This process retains a high percentage of the natural oils and glycerine so the soap is gentle to use.

Natural essential oils and botanicals are added to give the soap an individual quality.Each batch is measured and whisked by hand before being poured into moulds.

Once set the soap is hand cut to size and then put aside to ‘cure’ for up to 6 weeks. The bars are then individually wrapped and decorated.Our products contain no artificial chemical additives, colours or preservatives.

The soap is perfect for everyday use or to give as that special gift.

Vist our website to order, where you can buy and details of all of our soaps

Mill Cottage Soaps


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