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About Us
‘Monkley Made’ has been created by sister-in-laws Ali and Has who not only went to university together to study Art and Architecture, but are married to twin brothers Huw and Guy!

In November 2011 Ali and Has decided to take the famous Monkley family cheesecake recipe and their love of sculpting cakes to create Monkley Made!

Monkley Made has two strands:
Firstly the production and sale of the most delicious cheesecakes that you will ever taste. The family recipe is the envy of every customer as they devour each mouthful. Incredibly the cheesecake sells itself, as once you have tasted it, your hooked!

Secondly they design, make and sculpt cakes for all occasions. Using their creative degrees, Ali and Has will take on any cake craft challenge, no matter how small or large. Their portfolio is ever increasing and their customers are consistently delighted with their work of ‘art’.

Monkley Made has two outlets, Ali in Kent and Has in South Wales.

Delicious Home Made Cheesecakes Ideal for:

Dinner parties
Sunday lunch
Special occasions
An alternative to wedding cake
Birthday cake
Sheer indulgence
Gluten and wheat free on request

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