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Many people ask why the company uses Laugharne Castle as part of its corporate identity?

Going back to a time at the end of WWII there was very little opportunity of employment in Les Parsons’s home town of Laugharne on the West Wales coast. Les returned home after having served in India in1947 to this quiet backwater community alongside the Taf estuary. It was about that time that the famous welsh poet Dylan Thomas was writing his works (which included Under Milk Wood) where Dylan had also written about the ‘web-footed cockle women of Laugharne’. The local productive shellfish beds had been a source of employment for local people for generations but the tasty molluscs at that time were only available on the coastal fringes of the U.K in a fresh form. People would generally sprinkle the fresh shellfish with vinegar to add flavour before eating them. Les recognised an opportunity to try bottling them in vinegar to preserve and extend the shelf-life of the product and so be able to sell cockles and mussels further afield. This led to the start of Parsons Pickles and being the success that it was, important employment was created for a number of people in this tranquil and beautiful part of West Wales.

The original factory was part of an old mill alongside the estuary within a stones throw of Laugharne Castle and the castle has been used ever since by the company as part of its corporate image. Sadly for Laugharne however, the company out-grew it’s founding home in 1954 and for commercial reasons was forced to move to a new location in Burry Port where it was able to broaden its range of products and where it has remained ever since.

Parsons Traditional Pickles

The Traditional Pickle range was introduced some years ago as an attractive and up-market alternative to the large volume mass produced cheaper pickles that are widely available. Only the very best ingredients such as malt vinegar, sugar and natural spices are used in these products. Because of the seasonality of vegetables production of the Pickled Vegetable range is only carried out at the peak of the season when stocks are laid down and which ensures the continuous supply of a quality product. The quality packaging that is used for this range makes it attractive as an inclusion in Presentation Hampers and also allows the various products to be used as individual gifts. Products available in this range are as follows:

Sliced Beetroot, Baby Beetroot, Onions, Sweet Silverskin Onions, Eggs, Red Cabbage, Mixed Pickle and Sweet Pickle.

All of these products are available in 450g jars in packs of 6 jars in a shrinkwrapped case.

Parsons Laverbread

Laverbread is a Celtic delicacy which is produced from a particular type of seaweed (very similar to the seaweed which is used by the Japanese – Nori) which is mainly found on the West Coast of the British Isles and Southern Ireland. After being gathered the seaweed is thoroughly washed and is cooked until it becomes soft. It is then minced to convert it into a paste like texture. Laver is nutritious, very low in calories, rich in protein, contains iodine and vitamins A ,B, B2, C & D. Because of the nature of the product it is classified as being able to use the vegetarian symbol.

Parsons Laverbread is available to buy in shrinkwrapped trays containing 10 tins.


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