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  • Tool Handles

Penpont Green woodwork is situated in the woods at the Penpont Estate on the A40 between Brecon and Sennybridge, I make and teach most aspects of green woodwork.

 I make a wide selection of items, from pole lathe turned bowls, hurdles, spatulas through tool handles to furniture. All goods are made traditionally, by hand and all wood comes from the estate as part of good woodland management.

Items are made for sale or to order, repairs are carried out to chairs etc. and courses are run for people wishing to learn some green woodworking skills.

Green Woodwork

Green woodwork is the making of goods from unseasoned or “green” wood. Freshly felled trees or branches are worked using only hand tools and age old ingenius ways.  

These techniques were developed by true craftsmen in an unmechanised world where everything had to work well, and being hand made, everything had charm and individuality.



 Using these same materials, tools (some of which have to be homemade) and methods, unique and characterful items of real quality can still be made, and with great satisfaction.


Woodland Maintenance
With my knowledge and experience I can offer a small scale maintenance service to your woodland; whether it be felling, coppicing, firewood management or opening up for access.  I am fully qualified, equiped and insured for chainsaw use.


Chairs and Stools
I mend or replace legs, braces and spindles. Woven seat tops can be repaired or rewoven in a variety of materials and styles.

Tool Handles
I replace tool handles to match an old favourite or to fit old tool heads.

Bespoke Items
If you want something made to fit a particular requirement or something you have not seen on this site, please contact me and I will try my best to make it. 


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