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PJ Lloyd & Sons is an independent Potato wholesaler based in South Wales.

We supply all kinds of Potatoes to all kinds of Customers.

Welsh spuds, English spuds, Scottish spuds, Irish spuds Jersey spuds and dare we say foreign spuds (limited quantities) all the year around.

Potatoes include all varieties and all sorts from chippers to bakers to new from small to extra large.

We store spuds, grade spuds, wash spuds, pack spuds and deliver spuds we even dream spuds.

Customers include restaurants, chip shops, green grocers, schools and private customers.

Quantities include lorry loads, 1 ton pallets, 25kg bags, 20kg bags, 10kg bags and 1 kg pre packs as well as boxes of bakers.


If you think a potato is just a spud think again and have a word with us.

We can supply a potato for your every need and if we do not have it in stock we have the contacts to get them for you.

Nothing is too difficult if a potato is involved.

We even tell you about all about who grew your spuds and about the variety from details on the bag and linking to this website.



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