Talgarth Mill

The Mill House, The Square,Talgarth

01874 711352 (Mill)

01874 711125 (The Bakers’ Table)


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Welcome to Melin Talgarth Mill – a project at the heart of Talgarth’s Community…

At the heart of Talgarth, powered by the flow of the River Ellywe, you will find Melin Talgarth Mill, a fully restored, 18th century  Flour mill. Not only do we offer ‘Guided Tours’ by a dedicated team of volunteers, but we have on site a wonderful Bakery & Cafe, the ‘Bakers Table’. The cafe offers a range of seasonal foods and most of our produce is locally sourced from award winning suppliers. The ladies in the cafe, are wonderful bakers, offering some thing delicious for everyone! You may like to stroll in a beautiful riverside gardens and children may like to complete our Nature Trail or just sit and enjoy the lovely scenery. Before you leave visit peruse  The Talgarth Mill Gift Shop where you can purchase stone ground Flour and other Mill Gifts. We stock a range of lovely craft items from a local Co-operative featuring many local artists and artisans.

The Mill offers an insight into the history of Milling and its part in the community. Most days we have dedicated volunteers ‘Milling’ and producing our stone ground Flour. You might like to learn how to do this and we are pleased to offer our ‘Millers Experience’ a great gift or corporate team building exercise!

The restored wheel is the central part of this locally driven community project. We will be pleased to guide you through this lovely Mill whilst enjoying your visit to Talgarth.

We are currently hosting ‘The Big Art Share’ project in our ‘Stone Room Gallery’, here you will find local art work in various media by a range of local artists. All artwork can be purchased at the Gallery or on line with ‘The Big Art Share’ project



Water, volunteers, a restored mill… the result a range of quality flour products!

As a traditional water powered mill, we are lucky enough to be able to produce our own stone ground flour. We mill every week producing an excellent quality range of flour. All our millers are volunteers and can be found several days a week, weather and water permitting, hard at it, nose to the grindstone! We sell our flour both in the Talgarth Mill Craft Shop and also in the entrance to the mill wheel. We mill on average between 5 – 8 tons of wheat a year. Despite our size we are pleased to stock a network of outlets, ranging from small cafes, renowned hotels and restaurants. We also stock several large garden centres throughout the region, and small food outlets.

To get your hands of some of our flour, either as a  home baker or a retailer, contact us on Tel: 01874 711352 or email us at admin@talgarth mill.com . If you need to pick some up quickly we have a great range always in stock in the mill entrance, and in the Talgarth Mill Craft Shop. We are very proud to be putting our historic mill to use… don’t just take our word for it how good the flour is, try it yourself!

Our Flour Range

Wholemeal flour – 1kg – milled from locally sourced wheat

Wholemeal flour – 10 kg                                                              

This flour is a medium strength flour made from local English or Welsh wheat. It’s perfect for biscuits cakes pastry and soda bread. If baking bread with it, we suggest you mix 50/50 with a strong flour to help the dough rise.

Wholemeal Self-raising flour – 1kg bags –ideal for cakes, lighter pastries, pancake

Wholemeal four with added herbs – 1kg bags –great for savoury recipes – flatbread, savoury pastry

Bread kits  Everything you need to make your own ‘real’ bread – complete with instructions from our in-house baker.

Cake and Cookie and Savoury Biscuit kits – a wide range of make-your-own cookie and cake kits – all the dry ingredients come in the re-usable glass storage jar – you just have to add egg and butter to make these delicious recipes


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