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About the business

I make and sell my fudge in small batches in my kitchen at ‘The Fudge Fairys’ Sweet Shop & Kitchen’ in Undy Monmouthshire and also sell it from my new second outlet at The Fudge Fairy’s Sweet Shop in Caldicot (opening 5th August 2013) Monmouthshire. If you visit  my shop in Undy  you may just catch me making a batch of delicious smelling fudge and will get to savour the smell first hand. Both shops stock a vast range of traditional sweets  greetings cards and gifts .There is also a collection of memorabilia which you may find both nostalgic and interesting to see. it wont cost you a penny but may just make you smile.

I like to meet my customers face to face and see first hand how my fresh fudge recipes and range of traditional sweets are being received, for that reason I serve in at least one of my two  shops  most days .I encourage customers to leave feedback about their ‘Fudge Fairy’ experience and would make a plea to you, since you are reading this, to click on the  ‘Fairy Feedback’ option to the left before finishing your visit today.

I make a point of meeting my suppliers and getting to know about their businesses so that together we develop a range of affordable and beautiful cards and gifts to stock my shop with. It is important to me that suppliers receive a fair price for their goods and that my customers feel they have had value for their hard earned money.


Do you have a sweet tooth ?

So have I which is why I make fresh delicious fudge, everyday and fill my shop with traditional sweets Im sure you will remember from childhood.

Taste and enjoy.

Disappointed with the promise of creamy, sugary fudge in stores around the country, I  decided I should make my own. Store bought varieties promised so much but ended up tasting synthetic and cloying. Armed with my saucepan, ingredients and a spoon I got cracking and The Fudge Fairy business was born. After experimenting with recipes, thermometers and plenty of taste testing (well someone had to do it) I am finally content that the fudge I make cannot be beaten in terms of taste and texture.


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