Usk River

Unit 11, Station Enterprise, Station Road, Abergavenny
07790 346352



  • Condiments, Dressings, Sauces etc
  • Chutney
  • Pickles

Usk River was created by Rhian Short, arising from a long-standing enthusiasm for authentc artisan food with a strong local provenance.   By applying a creative and original approach to a very traditional craft and well-practised recipes of her own, a range of delicious chutneys and savoury preserves has been developed. With a focus on using locally sourced seasonal ingredients, the recipes are made in small batches in the traditional way.

The core range comprises a variety of chutneys, relishes, pickles and savoury jams. Where possible ingredients are sourced from the Usk Valley and surrounding areas, and all recipes are rich in natural ingredients with no ‘bulking’ ingredients or artificial additives. Ingredients not available locally are sourced with care for their quality and provenance, and ethical matters such as food miles are taken into consideration when choosing suppliers. Quality wine vinegars, sugars and whole spices are used throughout, and all recipes are prepared by hand in a small fully certified commercial kitchen in Usk.

Firm favourites emerging are  ‘Patagonian Jam’ and ‘Pear-Lilli’. Seasonal varieties are produced to follow the seasons and compliment the changing tastes we have throughout the year.   Beautifully presented gift sets will be prepared for Christmas, for a special and distincitve gift from the Usk Valley area.

Usk River preserves are available online at          www.uskriver.co.uk             and at numerous farmers markets and specialist food outlets and fairs throughout South Wales and the Marches.   We welcome trade enquiries, and catering-size tubs are also available so do contact us for further information if you are keen to add authentic quality relishes and chutneys to enhance your menus or beautiful jars of interesting chutneys to entice your customers if you are a farm shop, deli, hamper company etc.



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