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Wye Lavender

Bryn Pedol, Rhayder

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We are a family-run small lavender farm, and retailer of lavender products, set in a picturesque location 1,000 feet above sea level just outside Rhayader, with stunning views of the Welsh Wye Valley, the Elan Valley, and the Cambrian Mountains. Nestled amongst these green and fertile fields you can find, during the season, our sweet-smelling purple lavender paradise.

We have some exciting plans for Wye Lavender this year and our reputation for beautiful sweet smelling lavender is growing nicely. Our lavender plants continue to mature, they will yield more flowers and we expect to have more fresh and dried bunches available. There has already been a tremendous amount of interest shown this year, especially for weddings in July and August. Take a look at our wedding page for ideas and inspirations.

Come and visit us at Wye Lavender through our pre-booked tours option, where we can offer you a lavender tea, with refreshments and lavender biscuits. We also have a selection of lavender heart bags, a refreshing fragrant lavender spray as well as a range of lavender food products: all of which you can buy online or when you visit.

The pleasures and benefits of lavender are numerous and have been enjoyed by mankind for thousands of years and will continue to be a part of our lives for generations to come.

Take a look at our site; see what we are doing and what we are about. Our news page is frequently updated keeping you posted as to what we, and our customers, are doing with lavender. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook as we would love to read your comments too.

Wye Lavender

Personally I have always loved lavender, its infinite uses and most of all its delicious perfume, inducing evocative memories of my childhood and the various imaginative ways my grandmother would use lavender.
But what really sparked the idea for Wye Lavender was a warm summer’s evening sipping a glass of cool white wine looking over a field of lavender, owned by a friend and her husband. As we gazed along the purple rows and took in the intoxicating aroma, I realised that our field had the perfect soil conditions for growing our own lavender crop.

After a lot of research, talking to lavender experts, doing our sums and an endless amount of encouragement and advice, we rooted over 1000 plants in September 2009 and with the help of family and friends we planted a further 2,600 plugs in April 2010. So, Wye Lavender of Rhayader was born.

Since that time we’ve further refined our planting and improved our experience. We’ve been focusing on growing specific varieties of lavender, namely “Grosso”, “Royal Purple”, Imperial Gem and Maillette plants and all are developing well. This year we are trialling a white & pink variety, so far they are looking good and we hope to plant more of these in the spring of 2014…just imagine….. A beautiful bunch of pink white and purple lavender!

Like all lavender farms, we’re pretty seasonal with all the family taking part in the harvest and drying periods, along with fantastic volunteers from all over the World who come to us through

In return for accommodation during their stay with us, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, gives people the chance to come and work on an organic farm and learn about sustainable lifestyles. They’re a great help during the harvest when it’s all hands on deck!

No matter when you come and see us, you’ll always have a warm welcome at Wye Lavender. Thank you and see you soon!



Here at Wye Lavender we have planted four varieties of lavender:


Grosso x intermedia (Lavandin)

A striking blue-purple, long and bushy, lavender, beautifully strong scented, on a long and slender stem. This makes for an elegant bouquet. Great for a wedding table centre piece. Grosso flowers are also used in cooking. It is the most widely-grown oil producing lavender in the world.


Royal Purple angustifolia (True Lavender)

A compact sweet scented lavender, light purple flowers that retain their colour long after drying. This aromatic, medicinal variety is great for sachets, perfumes, tinctures and the like. It has a lovely delicate flavour, ideal for salads, infusions and cakes. These are excellent for a posy-style bunch.


Imperial Gem angustifolia (True Lavender)

This is a bushy English Lavender with a soft and delicate scent, adorned with tightly packed rich purple flowers (one of my favourites because of its colour) it makes a neat bouquet and looks great in a dried arrangement. Bees just love these!


Maillette angustifolia (True Lavender)

A true lavender highly prized by aromatherapists for its sweet perfume and healing oil. This startling iridescent English lavender has a long blue flower on a short stem, it is a world favourite and I can see why. I mainly use Maillette and Grosso flowers in my lavender spring water spray because the scent is so good and lasting. I also use it in my cooking and baking.


We have our eye on a couple of other very interesting white & pink varieties and will keep you up to date with the progress there.

All these plants have been chosen for their individuality, versatility, hardiness and excellent scent.
They all make beautiful bouquets, which can be hung around the home or in vases. The lavender bunches will keep their scent for a year; by then you will be ready to replace them with fresh ones from us! The old ones can be burnt on the open fire or the barbecue and will release their final aroma.


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Wye Lavender


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