Denbigh Plum Festival

Saturday 4th October




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THE Denbigh Plum is  getting a gourmet  makeover for this year’s  festival in its honour.

The native fruit,  first  recorded in 1785 but  believed to be at least 300  years old, is being turned  into luxury chocolates for  this year’s Denbigh Plum  Feast.

The Chocolate Shop on  Vale Street in Denbigh, is  serving up a Welsh take on  a French favourite sweet.

The Chocolate Shop’s  Mark Young said: “In  Gascony in the South West  of France they steep Agen  prunes, dried plums, in  Armagnac and coat them  in chocolate and we  thought why not here for  the festival.

“We’ve given it a Welsh  twist, using dried Denbigh  plums, Welsh whisky and  asked our chocolatier,  Aballu, from Rossett, to  work their magic and we  think they’re very good.

“We’ll also be using  Denbigh plums to decorate  our chocolate pizzas and  making plum truffles too.”

The Plum Feast kicks off  on Saturday at  9am in the town centre and  goes on until 4pm. There  will be cookery and  horticultural  demonstrations , a hog  roast with Denbigh plum  sauce, and freshly baked  plum bread.  


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