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Growers and suppliers of quality garden plants

We grow a wide range of plants at our nursery for your garden such as aplines and perennials many of which are unusual and not found in garden centres. Our range of conifers extend to over ninty varieties most of which are dwarf or slow growing. This is a range of plants we intend to expand in the coming years.

We also stock a range of shrubs, ornamental trees, roses plus a limited range of fruit trees and soft fruit. Also a wide range of summer bedding plants and many plants for your hanging baskets and tubs.

We display our conifers at many flower shows including Cardiff RHS Show, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, Malvern Spring and Autumn Shows, Shrewsbury Flower Show and the Royal Welsh Show. We have gained many awards for our displays including many gold medals.

Our main plant production is bedding plants, alpines, perennials and our award winning conifers.

Our range of alpines and perennials include many unusual varieties and are not found in garden centres. With over 30 varieties os Saxifraga and over 50 varieties of Sempervivum. We are also increasing our Heauchera production in 2013. We will be growing about 30 varieties.

We grow about 90 varieties of conifers, which in the main are dwarf or slow growing. We sell them in 1lt, 2lt, 3lt and some varieties in 5lt. We also have some in 9cm pots which we mainly sell at flower shows.

We also stock  shrubs, trees, roses, climbers and some fruit


We grow many varieties of perennials as well as buy in from other nurseries in order to give you a wide choice. Our main perennial production is Heuchera and x Heucherella. In 2013 we hope to grow about thirty varieties, including Berry Marmalade, Delta Dawn, Obsidian, Peach Flambe, Sweet Tea and Berry Smothie which is a definate “wow” plant. A real smothie colour all year round – rose pink through raspberry to blackberry shades. Big bold plant. Heuchera and x Heucherela are ideal for all year colour for garden or containers.

In 2012 we displayed our Heuchera and x Heucherella for the first time at the Royal Welsh Show in July, which we were awarded a silver gilt medal and we will be showing them at more shows in 2015.

 x Heucherella ‘Sweet Tea’ is one of the most intensely coloured Heucherella ever! the big orange tea coloured palmate cut leaves darken in summer and lighten up again in the autumn.

Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ is another perennial we will be growing in 2013. Small green leaves and unique scarlet red and white flowers. These can appear completely red or white at any time. It flowers all summer if you dead head to encourage new growth, therefor ideal for patio tubs or the garden.

We also sell many more perennials such as Lupins, Delphiniums, Geraniums, Hosta and Penstemon, plus many more.


We stock a wide range of alpine plants for your rock garden and alpine troughs. With Lewisia, Saxifraga and Sempervivum being our main alpine production.

This includes our own introduction of Sempervivum ‘Jamie’s Pride’, named after our son and has been grown in trials by the RHS at the trail grounds at Wisley. Every Jamie’s Pride sold we will be giving the full amount to Ty Hafan, The Children’s Hospice in Wales for the care they gave to Jamie. We also have a new introduction this year, Sempervivum ‘Belle’

We also sell many other alpine plants such as Aubrieta, Campanula, Dianthus, Phlox, Sedum and Thymus.

Our Heucheras, Saxifraga and Sempervivums are now available to buy online.


We offer a full range of summer bedding plants and we grow most of them at the nursery. From Argeratum and Alyssum to Petunia, Salvia and Verbena. All are now sold in packs of nine plants at a cost of £3.25 per pack. All plants are hardened off before being sold.

The range of potted bedding plants for your baskets and tubs include Baccopa, Diascia and Verbena priced at £1.35 each and Surfinia, Begonias, Fuchsias and Geraniums priced at £1.70 each. All are sold in 9cm pots.

We also grow some varieties in 1lt pots available from mid May, All priced at £2.50

We also sell hanging baskets, either ready filled or we can refill your baskets. Prices start at only £14 for a Surfinia basket. A full list of summer bedding plants are available from us in the spring.

Vegatable plants are also available in the spring and include cabbage, cauliflower, beans, sweet corn and lettuce. Also available for your greenhouse are tomato plants, cucumbers, peppers and melons.

We currently grow just over ninty varieties of conifers most of which are dwarf or slow growing, this is a range of plants we are constantly increasing and are keen to try new or unusual varieties.

Our range include Abies ‘Piccolo’ which is a true dwarf and never growing more than 40cm and is a real gem for the rock garden. Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ‘Green Globe’ is a very compact globe growing to about 30cm in ten years.

Juniperus communis ‘Compressa’, no alpine trough is complete without this one. We also grow grafted varieties of Abies, Cedrus, Picea and Pinus.

Most of our range are sold in 2 or 3lt pots, but we sometimes have some varieties in 5 and 7lt pots and some varieties are available in 9cm pots which we sell mainly at flower shows.

Our range of conifers are available to buy on line. Our conifer prices start at £5.00 for plants in 1lt pots.








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