Graham Morris

Nolton Croft Farm,Houghton

Blas y Tir
Puffin Produce


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  • Potatoes

I was born here on the family farm at Nolton Croft and my mother came from the neighbouring farm. If the two families had kept the fence properly mended I might not be here at all! Having said that, the tradition might stop here, as our three daughters are all teachers.

We’re in an area of real historic interest, with Stone Age monuments at nearby Hanging Stone Farm. We farm around 500 acres and it’s all arable — wheat, oats and barley, and of course potatoes, about 140-150 acres of Lady Crystal, Estima, Orla and Melody.

We started with Puffin right at the beginning in the late 1980s. They’ve always been a great team and do their best for us in good years and in bad.

As for living in Pembrokeshire, I can’t think of anywhere better. I love cricket (I’m proud to captain Burton’s second team), and I love growing potatoes. And summer’s my favourite season — cricket and potatoes together!


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