Graham Rees

Trecenny Farm, St Davids

Blas y Tir
Puffin Produce


  • Vegetables by Name
  • Potatoes



I’m the third generation farming here at Trecenny. It’s quite an historic spot, as St. David’s Cathedral isn’t too far away. I’ve got 700 acres here and about 140 is for potatoes — Lady Crystal, Maris Peer, King Edwards, Maris Piper and Estima. I’ve been working with Puffin for 12 years. They’re a very good team to work with, we’re there for each other through thick and thin.

Why do I love farming in Pembrokeshire? I think it’s probably just the best place to work in the world, and the only workplace I can think of where you never get bored with the view!


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