Ian Elliot

Cresswell Barn Farm, Cresswell Quay

Blas y Tir
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Creswell Barn Farm is in Creswell Quay at the upper end of the Cleddau Estuary. The village is justly famous for its popular historic pub, the Cresselly Arms (and ‘the best pub in the world’ according to MD, Huw Thomas).

My wife Fiona and I started growing potatoes here in 1999. We were organic until 2008, but recession and bad weather over several seasons dictated a change. We switched to conventional potatoes, and with our neighbour Bruce, we planted over 40 acres of potatoes last year, all for Puffin. We also continued with the leeks we’ve been growing for years.

Puffin came along at just the right time, with seed storage and delivery and generous technical advice. They became part of our team. Thanks to their commitment in providing Welsh produce for Welsh shoppers, we can now send our just-picked potatoes and leeks ‘down the road’, so everyone’s happy!

Pembrokeshire’s a great location to make a living and have a life. The land and climate here are pretty near perfect most years for growing great veg. And everyone in the family has some outdoor passion: my son Patrick and I for motorcycle trials; Fiona and my daughter Tessa for horse trials. And surfing on the beautiful Pembrokeshire beaches — that’s just for me.


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