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Welcome to Liliwen Herbs

We are passionate about herbs – the powerful ways they can enhance your food, and the many health benefits they have.  We want to bring them to you in the most natural way possible through our range of lovely products.

The Liliwen Herbs range includes fresh herbs, dried herbs, herbal tea blends, and herbal bodycare products such as infused oils and skin balms. We also produce pamper packs such as the Pregnancy Pamper Pack, the New Arrival Pamper Pack, and the Weather the Winter Pack and we are always happy to tailor a gift pack to your requirements.

Liliwen Herbs is based on a smallholding in the Carmarthenshire hills, run by herb-grower and experienced organic gardener, Lucie Scott. We grow herbs for cooking, tea-drinking and for health and wellbeing. Everything is done naturally using methods that support and nourish the land and plants, using no agrichemicals detrimental to human, animal or plant health. To read more about our cultivation and production see Is it organic?

If you like your herbs or want to know more about herbs and what we do here at LH, why not follow Lucie’s blog? This includes news from the smallholding, what’s growing in season, recipes and interesting snippets (hopefully) about herbs and ways to use them.

You can browse and shop for LH products on this site, or sign up for our email newsletter to keep up to date on new products, special offers and seasonal developments. We won’t use your details for anything else and will always respect your privacy.

Fresh HerbsAt Liliwen

Herbs we grow with the seasons, so even with the aid of polytunnels our fresh herbs and salads are mainly available in the ‘high season’: from late spring, throughout summer and usually until the first frosts. One or two varieties we grow are hardy enough to live through the winter, but the lushest and most plentiful growth of all our leaves is to be had when the sun shines and the days are longest!


Salad days

Our biggest-seller in fresh leaves is not a single herb, but the Gourmet Salad Leaves. Each bag of salad is hand-picked and carefully selected to give you a balance of flavours, colours and textures, all with a freshness we are confident you’ll find hard to beat unless you grow your own! The exact mixture varies with the seasons, but we always try to include some edible flowers which add flavour as well as making your plate pretty. There’s usually a herb or two in there too!

So, watch this space, especially during the months of spring and early summer and we will keep you up to date with what’s growing. If you want regular updates of what’s coming into season,and some recipes ideas, plus other news and offers from LH, do sign up for out email newsletter.

 We usually send one out once a month or so in the growing season.Dried Herbs

Bring out the flavour!

At Liliwen Herbs we dry a selection of our own herbs for use in cooking all through the year, especially when fresh herbs are not available.


Herbal Bodycare

Herbs are great for helping us care for our bodies on the outside as well as the inside. Using herbs grown here at Liliwen Herbs and adding only organic plant oils and sometimes beeswax, we have created a few special skin balms and oils for helping with a variety of conditions. So, whether it’s chapped skin, a chesty cough, or tired muscles we have something to help and support you.


So natural you could eat them!

There are no chemicals of any kind in our products, and they have only ever been tested on (willing) people! What goes on your skin is absorbed into your body, so organic and natural principles are just as important to us in skincare as in food. In fact all the ingredients are so natural and simple you could eat these products too – but we think you’ll enjoy them more on the outside! They are pure enough to use on any skin – many of our customers are buying for sensitive skin or babies’ needs. In fact the original inspiration for the first Liliwen Herbs skin balm Calendula was Lucie’s search for an all-natural product to use daily on her baby daughter, Liliwen, at nappy change time.

Made with care

We make all the body oils and balms in small batches by hand, so we can keep a sharp eye on the quality. They may have a shorter shelf life than some factory-made, synthetic alternatives, but we think they are so good you will want to use them up pretty quickly, and we make a range of sizes to suit everyone’s needs

Herbal Teas

Drinking infusions of locally-grown herbs pre-dates the drinking of black tea from China or India, and is another example of the health-giving properties of herbs. Remember what happened to Peter Rabbit at the end of his adventures? “His mother put him to bed, and made some camomile tea; and she gave a dose of it to Peter!”

Special brews

At Liliwen Herbs we have grown and blended several delicious combinations of herbs, each with a specific purpose in mind. Whether you need a pick-me-up or a wind-me-down, to digest your meal or soothe period pain we have a brew for you! For best results brew for a good 5-10 minutes in a teapot, strain and drink. Then top up the teapot with boiling water for a second brew!

Pamper Packs

There are times in life when we all need that extra bit of care and our bodies need a bit of a boost. Herbs are great for supporting your system – gentle yet effective, and safe to use at times when we may be extra sensitive. That’s why we think you’ll love Liliwen Herbs Pamper Packs. And we think they make wonderful gifts for loved ones as well. What’s more, they come in lovely packaging that is also kind to the environment. Perfect to treat yourself or someone you care about!

Tailored to your needs

Lucie has themed some packs for times such as pregnancy, post-childbirth and getting through the winter months. You can also design your own pamper pack with a combination of your choice. Typically, a pamper pack contains one or two varieties of balm or oil and one variety of herbal tea. We have also included a leaflet explaining the different uses and benefits of each product.
To design a pamper pack to your own specifications, please contact us to discuss your requirements



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