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 Telephone    01286 880806 or  01286 881819        

email   post@pantdu.co.uk




Pant Du is a family run business with a café, shop on site.

Spectacular views of the magnificent Snowdonia mountain range can be seen to the North East, and panoramic views of the sea to the West, Pant Du is an idyllic location to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty Snowdonia has to offer.

Since producing the first bottle of wine in 2010 the company has established a reputable name for themselves in producing award winning wines, and high quality cider and apple juice.

The company’s latest venture is premium still and sparkling bottled water. The project arose back in January 2013 following the discovery of spring water under the land at Pant Du.

Visiting Pant Du Vineyard and Orchard is a great experience for the family, for local and tourist visitors alike, as Pant Du is the first commercial Vineyard in Gwynedd.

Or why not organise a group visit to Pant Du, and take a guided educational tour around the vineyard and orchard.


Vineyard & Orchard planted on the south facing glazier slopes of the Nantlle Valley in Snowdonia.

6,600 vines.

2000 traditional Cider Apple Trees. 800 Welsh Varieties including 410 Bardsey Apple.

Come and visit us and see our vines and orchard for yourself in this scenic part of North Wales. Why not relax and have a glass of Pant Du cider or a glass of our very own wine in the tranquillity of the vineyard, or try our specially selected wines from across the world while taking in the scenic view around you.


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