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Welcome to Saith Ffynnon wildlife plants

Saith Ffynnon means ‘Seven Springs’ or ‘Seven Wells’ in Welsh. We live on a spring-line near the North Wales coast. We grow plants for wildlife gardens. At least 10% of our profits are given to local conservation projects. 


Jan Miller BSc., author of ‘Gardening for Butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects’ , runs Saith Ffynnon Wildlife Plants. She designs wildlife gardens which have won ‘Britain in Bloom’ gold medals and has been a very active volunteer for Butterfly Conservation for 12 years. Currently chair of North Wales Wildlife Trust, Clwyd Branch; Trustee of the Wildlife Gardening Forum and member of the Garden Media Guild

Saith Ffynnon is on a spring-line between limestone and neutral loam near the North Wales coast, and hence have a moist and gentle climate where we grow lots of wildlife gardening plants – from butterfly-attracting flowers to coloured willows to feed caterpillars that feed birds and bats. We have 8 acres where there is a wildflower meadow, butterfly garden, natural ponds and woods, and also the National Collection of Eupatoriums. We are not a garden centre that is normally open to visit – but you are welcome to contact us for an appointment to come and see the gardens and wildlife projects.

All our plants are grown in peat-free compost, often mixed with white perlite (a natural inert mineral product) and kept in as small pots as possible (average 4-inch) to reduce weight and thus keep postage costs to you as low as possible. Most of our plants are propagated by us here.

We try to be as green as possible by re-cycling local businesses’ packaging – and you can further re-cycle the cardboard boxes in your compost heap (worms love cardboard!)

Some wild plants are sent out bare-rooted as they do not grow at all well in pots.


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