The Old Chapel Nursery

Chapel House, Glan y Nant, Llanidloes

The Nursery is not open to the public



  • Fruit Trees, Bushes & Plants
  • Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
  • Apple Trees
  • Cherry Trees
  • Cider Apple Trees
  • Hedging Plants
  • Nursery Stock
  • Ornamental Shrubs
  • Ornamental Trees
  • Pear Trees
  • Perry Pear Trees



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The nursery is situated at 1,000 ft in Mid Wales. We specialise in trees for more marginal areas, parkland/wood pasture and hardy fruit tree varieties.

We are not open to the public.
Over the last few years we have developed a range of ‘supercell’ grown stock. These are large versions of standard cell grown forestry tree stock. They offer a number of advantages in many situations over standard large barerooted tree sizes and must not be confused with pot grown plants. Cells grown plants develop excellent root systems, they can be planted later in the season and are more resistant to drought after planting.
The trees typically reach 1.2 to 1.5m tall, with diameters around 1cm – somewhere between a “1+1” and a “1+2” normal transplant. They are ideal where you want a taller tree with a good root system, for example in an orchard or in bracken, but do not require the bulk of a 3 year ‘landscaping’ tree.
Our plants are ideal for sending out by courier and also as ‘liners’ for potting on/lining out by other nurseries.

We can offer:
• A wide range of hardy fruit varieties.
• A range of ornamental trees
• A range of ‘Parkland’ trees
• A range of 1.2-1.5m native trees for planting in bracken.
Prices are competitive with wholesale standard offerings.
We remain committed to supplying barerooted forestry and hedging transplants of the highest quality through the winter months to preferred customers who include:
• Local Authorities across Wales
• Wildlife Trusts
• The Woodland Trust
• Forestry Commission
• Farmers and Foresters
• Gardens, Parks and Special Projects
• Retail customers through our online shop
• The events calendar and ebay sales
We have access to a wide range of planting products at competitive prices and are not tied to any particular brand or method of planting. We have tried and tested most options in commercial situations and are continually researching new methods.
Plant Provenance:
We are registered for the Forest Reproductive Materials regulations and are authorised to issue provenance certificates with all plants sold for forestry purposes.
We specialise in researching and growing hardy fruit varieties.
Over the past few years we have been establishing a stool bed resource for cuttings and graft/bud wood of fruit and ornamental varieties. This will build up into a significant virus free resource, specific to Wales, which will be further expanded at even higher altitudes and with a wider catalogue of fruit and other varieties.
The range of quality UK nurseries from whom we buy in stock where not grown by ourselves is extensive, ensuring we can continue to offer a wide range of good quality plants for sale.
These resources back up the sale of the many tens of thousand plants grown and sold per annum. This is an appropriate point to thank the many customers who have dealt with us over the years, many of whom have returned each year.

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