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Trehill Farm

National Trust Grower
Marloes, Haverfordwest



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     A National Trust Grower

Trehill Farm is run by Peter and Gina Smithies and is situated at the most south westerly tip of Wales, within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park (PCNP) surrounded by sea on three sides with views of the famous bird islands of Skomer and Skokholm.

Traditional early potato production is the main enterprise. Varieties are selected for earliness and flavour.

The seed potatoes arrive in November and are sprouted in trays. Planting starts in February when the land dries and soil temperatures permit. Lifting commences around the third week in May, depending on the spring weather. Potatoes are harvested, graded and packed as loose flow New Potatoes on farm before being despatched to the Retailers. These potatoes are new season potatoes, fluffy skinned, sweet tasting as new potatoes should be. A true delicacy and a taste of early summer.  


Potatoes by the sea

The Smithies say it’s the sea spray that helps give their early potatoes their distinctive sweet and earthy taste. It’s this closeness to the sea that keeps the soil frost-free and allows it to warm up quickly as spring approaches, enabling them to get planting in February and March. Look at the farm gate as you pass by from mid-May to mid-July and you’ll see the result of those labours – delicious, fluffy skinned, sweet-tasting early Trehill potatoes to buy loose in their distinctive Trehill farm bags.



When and where to find them

Trehill potatoes, both the main crop and especially the earlies, are very seasonal so you can be sure they’re fresh from the earth. Varieties are selected according to taste, texture, appearance, yield and earliness. It’s this attention to detail that consistently wins Trehill a National Trust Fine Farm Produce award.
‘We’ve grown the Lady Christl variety for many years’, explains Peter. ‘But this is the first time we’ve grown Ingrid. We’re pleased with it and we’re delighted that the judges liked it too.’

Trehill also sells its maincrop potatoes under the National Trust brand in Asda, the Co-op and NISA stores across the UK.

National Trust Fine Food Awards – Trehill Farm Award



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