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 Welsh Fruit Stocks is one of very few nurseries in the UK offering gardeners the opportunity to buy soft fruit plants direct from the propagators.

This means we sell healthy plants dug from our fields and delivered direct to your door.

We grow all of our own stocks from the highest health grade possible, and propagate them here in complete isolation.

All of our stocks of strawberry plants and raspberry canes are PHPS health certified, and all of the fruit bushes are grown from our own PHPS certified parent stocks.

We have been growing organic plants since 2000.


We are one of only two licensed nurseries growing organic soft fruit plants in the UK and offer a wide range of mainly British soft fruit varieties, bred for British conditions.

We have been supplying gardeners with top quality plants since 1990, and have many very satisfied customers all over the country.Being a family business, our customers can be assured of a caring, personal service.

Our fruit nursery lies at an altitude of above 1000′, amongst the Radnorshire hills of east Wales.

It has unsurpassed isolation from other fruit growing areas and the very healthy conditions allow us to grow many of our stocks organically.

In the past this has been a traditional livestock rearing farm and so is in excellent heart.

We still have sheep and cattle and this allows us to naturally maintain fertility, to use long rotations and to utilise our permanent pastures and hill grazing.


Our family started growing nursery fruit bushes 45 years ago and when we found that the other types of fruit grew so well here, we increased the range to include all the major types.

We buy in the parent stocks at the highest health status available, to ensure that our plants are the healthiest possible.

The stocks are grown at altitude and our customers tell us that the plants respond rapidly to softer environments and establish quickly.

We have a wide range of strawberry plants (now all organically grown), raspberry canes and fruit bushes.


Our customers too have been impressed by the vigour of the plants and the quality of their root systems.We believe that by reducing any stresses on the plants (and animals) a lot of the common problems can be reduced.

Our organic plants are grown on our registered land and certified by Organic Farmers and Growers.

We are pleased that we can produce the quality plants in such a sustainable way.

Being on the edge of several different habitats (heather moorland, ancient woodland, traditional grassland and small areas of wetland) the biodiversity is unique.

It is good to be able to encourage the wildlife on the farm. We have recorded over 60 species of birds seen here, from redstarts to red kites.


Our conventionally grown plants are grown on a similar system to those organically grown, but they tend to be varieties that have less disease resistance or are very vigorous and we thus feel will be too ‘high flying’ for organic conditions.

We need the option to be able to treat them in order to maintain the health status of the stocks.

We take great care of our plants throughout the seasons.

We multiply our own parent stock wherever possible to give us control from the earliest stage.

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The raspberries, strawberries and parent bushes are entered into the Plant Health Propagation Scheme (PHPS) and are health inspected at intervals throughout the growing season.

Being members of several fruit breeding programmes we have access to many of the new improved varieties, but we also continue to grow some of the old favourites that rightly maintain their popularity.

We hold one of the largest ranges of blackcurrant varieties including many of the new, more disease resistant ‘Ben’ varieties


An exciting new Redcurrant x Gooseberry x Jostaberry exclusive to Welsh Fruit Stocks.

High yields of a dark currant in mid July, which makes fantastic red jam, giving flavours of all three fruits in its parentage. Grows like a blackcurrant.

- Great for jam!
- Great potential for food makers – ice creams, cakes, jam, drinks.
- High yields of fruit, makes easy picking.
- Great marketing potential.


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