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Welsh Mountain Cider & Tree Nursery

Producers of award winning Welsh cider and heritage apple and pear trees.

Welsh Mountain Cider is made by us, Bill Bleasdale and Chava Richman at our smallholding near Llanidloes in the hills of Mid-Wales. Our experience in the blending of apples and pears to create fine cider, perry and juice gives us the knowledge to help you plant the perfect orchard to suit your needs.

Would you prefer to plant an orchard of dessert and cooking fruit or maybe just a tree or two? We also stock an extensive range of heritage and modern varieties that can keep you in apples and pears throughout the year.

Visitors are welcome by appointment only. Please come view our trees for sale and tour the orchard.


Welsh Mountain Orchards is an apple and pear tree nursery which stocks hundreds of varieties of cider, perry, eating and cooking fruit (including many rare heritage varieties in danger of being lost) from Wales, the West Country, around the UK and the World. We specialize in grafting and propagating hardy vigorous trees which we grow without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides and which thrive at altitude and in wet and windy conditions.

We graft and grow all our own trees on certified rootstocks without the use of artificial fertilizers, poisons, pesticides or polytunnels. Growing trees “hard” in this way greatly reduces transplant shock and associated problems. Consequently, our Welsh Mountain Apple trees are smaller, more feisty, resilient and disease resistant than trees forced in hothouses or netted tunnels by big commercial growers. Field trials have consistently shown that our little trees with big roots overtake these others in terms of health, growth and vigour within 18 months of being planted. This is particularly of interest if you wish to grow apple and pear trees in challenging conditions on wet, windy, cold or hilly sites, but has also proven to give an excellent start to apples and pears destined for planting in more balmy climes.

We specialize in growing fruit on full standard rootstocks- M25 rootstocks for apples, and Pyrus rootstocks for pears- as we find these do best in terms of yield and vigour in our British climate. Full vigour rootstocks provide hardy, disease resistant trees, ideal for marginal conditions, where you want your trees to get a good headstart, or if you want to plant a traditional orchard which can still be grazed by livestock. This is also the ideal rootstock for planting for eco-stewardship schemes such as Glastir, or for a canopy layer of a forest garden


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