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 The V Hub are connoisseurs of Vegan nut based cheeses, artisan pates & nutritionally balanced Vegan cookery classes



This little restaurant/cafe is one of the best. It is not often that i am as enthusiastic about one of the listings on this site because they are all good but you really have to visit The V Hub to understand why.



Rachel Jamison & The ‘V’ Hub

Rachel Jamison, is about to take Swansea by storm with her latest vegan adventure The ‘V’ Hub.

“I’m Rachel Jamison; I’m married to Robert and have one step son.

 I love food (who doesn’t?), cooking, yoga, the beach, and spending time with friends and family.

I’ve enjoyed cooking from a young age; I’ve always been interested in health as I was a competitive gymnast as a youngster, where I trained with the Welsh squad from 14-16 years of age. I trained hard – four times a week – winning many medals and trophies over the years.

I continue to keep fit these days by cycling, walking and practicing yoga.

 I love travelling and visiting new countries. My husband and I have a passion for backpacking, and have visited Bali, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India.

I love sampling new foods from different countries and recreating dishes from my travels. They say travel broadens the mind – well it certainly broadens your choice of cuisine!

Around 15 years ago I (slowly) became vegetarian, then went full vegan six years ago. I’ve always enjoyed cooking tasty, healthy food for friends at home, and I was regularly asked how to cook dishes…From that, the idea for The V hub was born!

The V Hub offers food and nutritional advice so that people can feel relaxed and in control of their eating. So they can make positive changes to their diet. To reach and maintain a healthy weight and to eliminate those niggling health problems. Let us help you create the healthy lifestyle you crave and deserve.

I have now been teaching Plant Based Cookery Workshops for just over 4 years, and they have become so popular that I’ve decided it’s time to open a permanent venue for all things plant-based.

Step forward: ‘The V Hub’ – Swansea’s Premier Plant Based Hub in Craddock Street, Swansea City Centre.

It is a central, cosy, friendly, warm space to educate, cook, chat and advise people, as well as there being somewhere for other like-minded people to hire space to show off and share their talent and skills.

I’m consistently told that my approach to teaching Plant Based eating and living encourages people, and instils confidence to make the change to eating this way.

I’m told that although one has to be a little bit creative, I make it simple to recreate everyday family meals using healthy, cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly ingredients. I take this as a huge compliment and strive to apply it to all areas of my business. After all, the customer is always right!

I envisage the workshops at The V Hub to grow by teaching people of all ages from children to the elderly.

I have introduced ‘Birthday Cookery Parties’, where the children get to eat what they make complete with a certificate and goody bag to take home – it’s something that’s a little different, fun and educational at the same time. Nutritional talks on all things ‘plant based’ and demonstrations. I will also be introducing film and curry nights, a food swap shop to get rid of all those unwanted tins and packets we all have lurking in the backs of our cupboards and there’s lots more vegan inspired ideas brewing, ready to be unleashed on the public.

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